Our factory is a professional manufacturer of gas spring series of products of enterprises. Enterprise tenet to as letter, is sincere, give the best benefit with scientific management, with high quality products to the world. Enterprises after several years efforts, continuously improve production technology, USES the overseas advanced technology, has advanced fully automatic and semi-automatic production lines and testing equipment, with the European public technical information and international standards to the production of various kinds of gas spring, draw lessons from European standards, research developed YQ compressed gas spring, JKQ lockable gas spring etc series products.

Product specifications complete, to better develop markets at home and abroad, relying on science and technology, the computer design, continuous development and production of high-tech practical gas spring, widely used in aviation, automobile, motorcycle, mechanical locker door, lid opening and is applied to machinery and equipment, medical equipment, sports equipment, fitness equipment, furniture, cabinets and other fields. Can be designed and manufactured for the customer special requirements of gas spring. Companies under the love and support of customers at home and abroad, products are exported to many countries and regions. ISO9001.2000 international quality management system in strict accordance with the standard management, product quality excellence, constantly improve and perfect the technological content of products and scientific management. All the staff will provide you with the best quality products and sincere professional services of the United States, and sincere cooperation, create brilliant tomorrow.



Lockable gas spring characteris2020-12-09
Lockable gas spring applications in medical equipment, most of the gas spring with the help of some release mechanism can stop at any position in the journey, and stop after a lot of locking force. Let...
Support the gas spring characte2020-12-09
Support gas spring from the following several parts: pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, sealing guide sleeve, filler, control element in cylinder and cylinder control components and connectors, etc...
The characteristics and applica2020-12-09
Free type gas spring is the most widely used gas spring, supporting bar main supporting role, it has the seal technology, long service life, etc, is one of very important gas spring. Let us together to...
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