The characteristics and application of free type gas spring

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Free type gas spring is the most widely used gas spring, supporting bar main supporting role, it has the seal technology, long service life, etc, is one of very important gas spring. Let us together to get to know the features and application of the free type gas spring!
Free type gas spring characteristics
United spring free type gas spring use * * * of sealing technology, long service life. United spring free type gas spring with a variety of pressure, stroke, and the length of the terminal assembly, product variety, can meet a variety of occasions. Its main function is to balance, lifting, lowering, stretching and contraction.
The characteristics and application of free type gas spring
Stock standard ammonia compression spring series products
N series: black chloride steel bar, stainless steel material, is commonly used in the regular standard spring (SPEC) of free type gas spring series.
V series: discharge valve for pressure regulation, so this series of products is very suitable for unknown load cases, or as a part replacement. V series is compressed to the * * * load. The user can through the regulator to adjust the gas pressure, in order to achieve its applications need to load.
S series: S series stainless steel structure, is exposed to the external environment, or the law must use the occasion of stainless steel, such as food and chemical industries.
The characteristics and application of free type gas spring
L series: black chloride steel bar, steel structure. L series with a locking tube, can achieve in * * * stretch position lock automatically. In this way, the user can work around the target. Mobile locking tube can release the pressure of the free type gas spring.
The application range of the free type gas spring
Free type gas spring with its sealing technology of * * *, long service life, etc, in the global automotive, engineering machinery, printing machinery, textile equipment, and other industries to a wide range of applications, such as stainless steel spec free type gas spring in cold environment, acidic or alkaline environment, etc. Can also be used.
Features and application of the above is free type gas spring, hope this article can give you some help, if you still want to know about the knowledge of the other gas spring, might as well continue to focus on our website!
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