Support the gas spring characteristics and quality of judgin

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  Support gas spring from the following several parts: pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, sealing guide sleeve, filler, control element in cylinder and cylinder control components and connectors, etc. Small make up today is to introduce you to support the characteristics of gas spring and judge the quality!
  Can support gas spring is a kind of energy can rise and fall of the spring, can be divided into can be self-locked support gas spring (such as the bottom of the seat lift, after the boss chair back of a chair, etc.), not self-locking support gas spring (such as car tail box, a built-in wardrobe or cupboard door lifting support), support gas spring structure is mainly composed of sleeve, piston and piston rod, adding high pressure air or high pressure nitrogen gas inside the sleeve, due to the range to produce pressure difference on both ends of the piston area, piston and piston rod movement and support person or heavy objects.
  Support the gas spring characteristics and quality of judging
  To judge the quality
  Judge the quality of the a support gas spring quality mainly considered from the following several aspects: first is the sealing, if seal is not good will appear in the process of using the oil and gas leakage phenomenon; The second is the accuracy, needs the support of 500 n gas spring, for example, some manufacturer to produce force error is less than 2 n, some manufacturer's products may differ and the actual need of 500 n further; Again, the service life is its use life for its can be fully adjustable frequency calculation; * * * is a strength changes in the schedule of, ideally should support gas spring force value remains the same in the whole trip. But because of the design and processing factors that support gas spring force in the schedule of values change inevitably. And the extent of the change is to measure a support gas spring important standard of good quality ring, the smaller the amplitude, that support gas spring, the better quality, conversely, the worse.
  Support the gas spring characteristics and quality of judging
  Compression type support gas spring joint has a single, single ear, two ears and universal ball top four type, followed by a single chip, one ear, two ears and universal ball head type. Design according to the actual circumstances of the installation position and support gas spring specifications, choose to match the connector type. Recommend using universal ball head type, this kind of support gas spring can automatically adjust the connection point of view, in the work process to eliminate the lateral support gas spring work force, especially suitable for the installation requiring higher precision. If limited installation space, can use single ear type, the type of support gas spring has simple structure, small space needed for installation, but in the work process can't eliminate the lateral force caused by misalignment, therefore, need additional design support gas spring pin to connect. In a word, no matter choose what kind of connector type, make sure to support gas spring after installation, opening and closing door (lid) well, no interference, card lag phenomenon.
  To support the characteristics of gas spring and evaluation quality is introduced here, hope everyone can learn to valuable knowledge, more relevant content remember to pay attention to our website!
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