Lockable gas spring characteristics and production technolog

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Lockable gas spring applications in medical equipment, most of the gas spring with the help of some release mechanism can stop at any position in the journey, and stop after a lot of locking force. Let small make up today to introduce you to the lockable gas spring characteristics and production process!
Lockable gas spring
Lockable gas spring inside a controllable valve in the piston.
Lockable gas spring piston rod is hollow, and there is a thin rod, can through the piston rod head wrench device control of thin rod push pull, and then by the thin rod drives the piston controlled valves open and close.
Control valve is open, without applying axial force, then lockable gas spring elongation, the piston rod ejection. If there is greater than its internal pressure generated by the force of external force, the lockable gas spring will be compressed.
Lockable gas spring characteristics and production technology
The characteristics of
1, change the spring diameter, defect and wire diameter (trible changers) had been achieved suspension spring molding processing. Since spring trible changers, development has been the taper winding on steel rods in the numerical control lathe processing, but the yield and prices are not ideal. Now instead of through the spring coiling machine, heating conditions control roll speed and drawing force, needed to get the cone shape, and the quenching process of waste heat.
2 gas spring, hollow stability spring rod with low carbon boron steel plate welding.
3, torsion bar using high purity of 45 steel, high hardness on the surface of the obtained with high frequency quenching and larger residual compressive stress, so as to improve the fatigue life and relaxation resistance.
4, electronic products are widely used of the leaf spring basically adopts the stamping and automatic bending forming. Mainly is the development of composite material bonding technology.
Spring in the cold forming process
1, the cold forming process of disposable automation capabilities. Cold forming machine now has grown to 12 feet. Within the range (0.3 ~ 14) mm steel wire, in eight claw shape function basically forming at a time. The development direction of equipments in the forming process: (1) improve the forming speed, is the main development trend of forming speed, improve equipment production efficiency; (2) by improving the equipment parts precision and strengthening effect of heat treatment to enhance the durability of equipment; (3) to increase the length of the sensor and a laser range finder to CN gas spring C forming machine for automatic closed-loop control manufacturing process.
2, scope of cold forming process. The big wire spring spring coiling machine, * * * specifications can be up to 20 mm, = 2000 mpa, convolute than 5. Variable diameter or Minic - Block size, such as the spring and eccentric spring cold forming technology still has limitations.
(2) the spring hot forming process
1, hot forming process speed ability. At present our country on the (9 ~ 25 mm hot spring coiling machine, forming only CNC2 shaft speed of * * * 17 pieces per minute. Large gap compared with developed * * *.
2, big spring hot forming process control ability. Because only CNC2 shaft hot spring coiling machine, shape control three directions, less accuracy; And no automatic bar stock rotation control and adjustment, so hot coil spring forming technology level and ability is low. So spring level of precision and surface oxidation decarbonization level is low.
Lockable gas spring is introduced here, if you still want to learn more close its knowledge, then it must not be the wrong our web site, professional to solve various problems for you.
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